Understanding Your True Healthy Cholesterol Levels

Everyone is talking about the dangers of high cholesterol levels but the question that is often left unanswered is the healthy cholesterol levels that should be maintained in order to be fit and well, physically healthy. It is important to take note that there are two kinds of cholesterol and they are classified as:

  • HDL cholesterol-which is known as the good cholesterol
  • LDL cholesterol-which is known as the bad cholesterol

It is important to take note of your HDL and LDL cholesterol levels so you would know if you are still on the healthy side or if you are already living life dangerously. You will learn this through cholesterol testing which can be easily done in any of the clinics or hospitals in your area.

Of course, you shouldn’t judge cholesterol immediately and consider it as your enemy. In fact, your body needs cholesterol for the development of body cells and for insulation of the fiber of the nerves. Like all substances that are inside the body, cholesterol also performs an important function in making the whole body work efficiently. If you are like most people, you would immediate panic when told that you have a high cholesterol level, but there is more to it than meets the eye.

If your cholesterol testing shows you have a high LDL or Low Density Lipoproteins then you have work to do. It is important to take steps to reduce this type of high cholesterol if you don’t want to become another heart attack statistic. You should also aim to increase the healthy (HDL) cholesterol level as this drives the bad cholesterol out of the body.

Doctors use a 40mg/dL (or higher) LDL cholesterol level for men and 50mg/dL (or higher) for women to classify them as having healthy cholesterol levels. Cholesterol testing that shows a reading higher than those already places you in the high risk bracket for heart problems. If you can raise your HDL levels and decrease LDL levels then it would mean a greater protection against heart ailments.

It is important to know that vices like smoking and lack of exercise can lower the HDL cholesterol levels. It is recommended that a person gets at least a half hour of exercise or physical activity every day to improve his HDL cholesterol level. You should also avoid stress because while stress per se does not make bad cholesterol rise, it is one of the reasons why a person develops eating habits that lead to a less-than-healthy body weight.

If you have high levels of triglyceride then you can expect a high level of cholesterol in general. This usually happens when you are overweight or you smoke or drink alcoholic beverages. A triglyceride level of 150 mg/dL is already borderline and the higher it goes, the greater risk you have of getting the metabolic syndrome which is usually characterized by: Atherogenic dyslipidernia (fat related problems in arteries and capillaries); obesity centered the abdomen and high blood pressure.

If your cholesterol test reveals a low LDL cholesterol level then you have considerably less chance of getting a heart attack. You may however want to keep it this way by sticking to a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle.

But if maintaining a healthy cholesterol level (which means a lower LDL) is a struggle for you then you can resort to natural and synthetic medications like:

  • Proactol - this works by binding the fat and slowing the absorption of glucose which can lead to a lower cholesterol level.
  • Vitamic C - it is an antioxidant and is used by the body to keep healthy cholesterol levels.
  • Garlic and Ginger - kitchen herbs that are recommended for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels
  • Vitamin E - a great help in preventing the oxidation of bad cholesterol

Take note that it is not enough to just measure your total cholesterol level to conclude that you have healthy cholesterol. It is also imperative to get the LDL and HDL cholesterol and well as the triglyceride levels to determine your vital heath risks.

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