Examining The Truth About Using Fish Oil To Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Can you resort to eating or taking in fish oil to lower cholesterol? This is a question which continues to hound the minds of people who continuously read reports on the benefits of eating fish.

Of course, there have been many claims that fish oil capsules or supplements can reduce high cholesterol levels but should you take this hook line and sinker? Or with a grain of salt? Is there truth to claims that fish oil can really lower cholesterol and can keep one from getting a heart attack?

There is diverse literature on cholesterol lowering vitamins that boast fish oil as one of their main ingredients. Some experts believe the efficacy of fish oil to lower cholesterol while others believe otherwise. But what does evidence say about this?

Suffice it to say that medical researchers found out that people who were regularly on a fish diet (specifically mackerel and salmon) have lower incidence and risks of heart ailments. This is said to be a result of omega-3 fatty acids which are touted to be cholesterol lowering fats which are sometimes the ingredients of fish oil containing vitamins and supplements. Fish oil does not only increase good HDL cholesterol but it can also lower the triglycerides levels, thus preventing heart diseases.

While some experts accept the effectiveness of a fish diet in reducing heart ailments they do not however agree on the healing effects of fish oil vitamins and supplements. What is good about taking in fish oil, whether through the actual intake of fish or through supplements, is that it does not present any side effect.

So what are the benefits one can get out of eating fish?

  • The possibility of increasing your HDL cholesterol level
  • It is healthy as it is low in calories
  • It can regulate your weight
  • It does not contain saturated fat (unless of curse you fry it in coconut oil)
  • It can also lower the level of blood pressure

However, the many positive effects of fish oil to lower cholesterol have been clouded by negative publicity about the dangers that one can possibly get from eating fish such as possible high mercury content which can lead to chronic poisoning. There are also other contaminants and pollutants that are very common in fish nowadays because of industrialization.

But if you are afraid of this then you have to weigh the risks of eating fish (and possibly get poisoned which is far out really except if you are living in a gold mining or processing area) or increasing your risks of an increased LDL cholesterol level and getting a heart problem.

Again, it is helpful to be aware that while the American Heart Association has accepted the cholesterol lowering effects fish oil, it does not however say the same for fish oil supplements pending a conclusive evidence of their healing powers especially as regards the prevention of heart ailments.

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