Give Praise To Cholesterol Lowering Vitamins

If you are having a hard time controlling your cholesterol level, it may be a good time to learn the benefits of taking cholesterol lowering vitamins. This is of course subject to the approval and prescription of your medical provider.

The danger of high cholesterol is such that a person has to be vigilant and aware of his cholesterol levels today, in order to remain healthy and fit tomorrow. The first forms of “treatment” a person will undergo in order to lower cholesterol is to mind what he eats and take on an exercise regimen. However, lowering cholesterol counts through vitamins is advisable, in addition to these, so that a person further reduces the risk of succumbing to a deadly occurrence like a heart attack.

Studies have indicated that vitamins are indeed effective in preventing high cholesterol from damaging a person’s blood vessels. Because vitamins contain natural healing elements, taking these regularly can greatly benefit a person’s state of health.

Vitamin B and its components

The Vitamin B group, which contains niacin (B3), aids in keeping the cholesterol levels low. A medical study done a few years back even indicated that consistently taking Vitamin B3 supplements is better than taking doctor-prescribed medicines.

Benefits of taking Vitamin B3 Niacin:

  • It helps in promoting healthy digestion
  • It helps make the skin clearer
  • It is most effective in lowering cholesterol levels and triglycerides
  • It promotes good circulation that reduces high blood pressure
  • It allows the body and the organs to relax

    Additionally, the B-vitamin group also contains folate or folic acid that lowers the body’s homocysteine level. 400 mcg of folic acid daily can be effective in the prevention of stroke which can lead to untimely deaths.

Benefits of using Vitamin B (Folic Acid):
It can lower homocysteine
It can decrease the risk and the development of any type of cardiovascular disease
It works effectively against cancer
It makes the skin healthier and clearer

Vitamin B complex is water soluble and plays an important function in the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates --- two types of nutrients that may lead to fatal complications if traces of it remain in excess inside the body. Among other benefits, Vitamin B group chemicals provide a detoxification effect and eliminate the toxins our body gets from the food we eat. Vitamin B elements are found in fish, poultry and peanuts.

Vitamin E. While it is does not have a direct relation to cholesterol lowering, a person can benefit from Vitamin E as it works to prevent cholesterol from accumulating and forming into plaques. Clogging or blockage in the arteries may cause one to suffer a stroke or heart attack, and this may be prevented with constant Vitamin E intake. Moreover, Vitamin E has tocotrienol which can inhibit the damage that results from too much LDL or bad cholesterol. Vitamin E works to support the body’s cell membranes which can be destroyed by cholesterol. This is a fact that was only established and discovered recently.

Benefits of using Vitamin E (Tocotrienol):

  • It protects the body from high cholesterol
  • It lowers the risk of heart disease
  • It works as an LDL oxidant
  • It prevents plaque formation or atherosclerotic
  • It lowers the risk of cancer

Other sources may also contain very high levels of vitamins and natural substances which benefits the body:

Theaflavin. Theaflavin, found in green tea extracts, helps in increasing HDL or the good cholesterol and works to minimize LDL or the bad cholesterol. When taken regularly, theaflavin absorbs itself into the body rather quickly and can therefore work faster and more effectively.

Lecithin. Usually found in soy, lecithin has been reported as a cholesterol-lowering vitamin in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Daily intake of lecithin can decrease the body’s homoscysteine levels, and could especially benefit the men as they are more prone to having higher concentrations of homocysteine,

Oryzanol. Many kinds of vitamins and amino acids are contained in oryzanol, which may be found in rice bran. Oryzanol prevents the intestine and the liver from absorbing too much cholesterol and at the same time pushes the bile salts excretion from the body.

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