Real Advantages Of Cholesterol Lowering Herbs

If you have a problem with high cholesterol levels and wish to lower it naturally you may want to try using cholesterol lowering herbs. Several of these herbs, which are known to be effective, are easily be found in health food stores. Some of them are also present in your kitchen so are readily available, at low cost.

Herbs that reduce high cholesterol are not only less expensive than most medications but are also generally safe to use. However, if you have a serious illness you should of course inform your doctor about the types of cholesterol lowering herbs you intend to take. You can choose from the following herbs:

  • Alfalfa. The saponin content of the Alfalfa herb does not only lower cholesterol level but it basically blocks the absorption of cholesterol in the body. What it does is attack the bad cholesterol (low density lipoprotein) and replaces it with good cholesterol (high density lipoprotein). But like all herbal medications, you should also be careful when taking in Alfalfa because very large quantities may cause damage to red blood cells.
  • Another herb known as Tumeric root is known not only for its cholesterol lowering effect but also for its being an antioxidant. It belongs to the ginger family and its healing power is attributed to its curcumin content. The enzyme it produces is known for the ability to digest fats in the body as well as in preventing cholesterol from forming or making gallstones.
  • Garlic. This herb is a common kitchen feature but there are more reasons why you should have plenty of cloves in the house. Garlic’s organosulfur content attacks the LDL cholesterol and provides healthy circulation of the blood by reducing the clotting in arteries and the blood vessels.
  • Capsicum or cayenne pepper. This herb can be used not only to spice up your dishes but also to stimulate the flow of blood in the body. It is used to treat high cholesterol and triglyceride levels

There are a lot of benefits to using cholesterol lowering herbs especially when you are already experiencing high cholesterol problems. Check these out:

  • It a controversial view - but it is a fact that cholesterol lowering herbs are often safer than drugs. Why? Because they seldom show any side effects. However, there may be herbs that can complicate already existing illnesses so you have to be careful which ones you use.
  • Most cholesterol lowering herbs keep a steady flow of bile in the body as well as promote digestion. This is the primary effect of artichoke, which is known to aid in the digestion process, forcing cholesterol to leave the system immediately, thereby reducing cholesterol levels.
  • So cholesterol lowering herbs increase the bile and help it flow in the body. So what? If bile is left stagnant in the liver then it can do more harm to the body. Herbs that encourage the flow of bile throughout the body keep this from happening.
  • Certain herbs like flax seeds are not only effective in reducing the cholesterol level but are also very effective in lowering blood pressure and lessening the risks of a heart attack.

A lot of studies are being done to determine the benefits of cholesterol lowering herbs to the body. While the medical world has not yet made conclusive reports on the effectiveness of herbs for various illnesses, people should continue to explore their healing properties provided they consult with their doctors first to avoid adverse interactions with already existing conditions.

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